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John Milligan

Continuing a bioscience legacy at BioFrontiers

The University of Colorado’s BioFrontiers Institute recently received a $1 million gift from John F. and Kathryn Bradford-Milligan of Hillsborough, California. Their gift will establish the Olke C. Uhlenbeck Endowed Graduate Fund for graduate students participating in the BioFrontiers Interdisciplinary Quantitative Biology, or IQ Biology, PhD program. Read more


A deep look inside the live cells reveals a key cancer process

 Telomerase, a powerful enzyme found at the ends of chromosomes, can keep humans healthy, or promote cancer growth. Researchers at the University of Colorado in Boulder used a process called single-molecule imaging to look into the complicated processes that this enzyme uses to attach itself to the ends of chromosomes. This new understanding could help researchers develop better diagnostics and drugs for treating cancer and other diseases. Read more