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Our BioFrontiers program is widely known as one of the best interdisciplinary research institute colleges. Talented researchers and students are provided an environment in which innovative thinking is encourage and displayed.


Sie Fellow focused on quality of life for people with Down syndrome

Mary Allen (Headshot)

Mary Allen holds up a valentine sent to her from a childhood friend. It sits in her cubicle where she is hard at work tearing apart genomic data looking for patterns. This friend, who has Down syndrome, is part of the reason that Allen, a postdoctoral researcher in Robin Dowell’s lab at the BioFrontiers Institute, became interested in studying aneuploidy. Aneuploidy means that cells have too many, or too few, of one or more chromosomes. In the case of Down syndrome, there is an extra copy of chromosome 21. Allen is exploring what makes people with this extra chromosome survivors. Read more


Rob Knight, a professor in the University of Colorado Boulder’s Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, and a faculty member at the BioFrontiers Institute, is sharing the largest known dataset on the human microbiome and the software key to understand what it may reveal about the role of the millions of bacteria living in and on the human body. The data is from the American Gut Project and includes information from more than 3,000 participants, 101 million DNA sequences and 27 gigabytes of sequencing information. The data has been deidentified to remove personal information, which was collected from 3,238 participants ranging in age from newborns to octogenarians, and Paleo dieters to omnivores. Read more


BioFrontiers launches Sie Post-doctoral Fellowship Program

The BioFrontiers Institute at the University of Colorado launched its inaugural Sie Post-doctoral Fellowship Program in affiliation with the Linda Crnic Institute for Down Syndrome on the Anschutz Medical Campus. The program will fund three post-doctoral researchers, Sie Fellows, who will focus on research that will improve the lives of individuals with Down syndrome. The Sie Fellows research is co-funded by the BioFrontiers Institute and the Anna and John J. Sie Foundation. Every two years, three Sie Fellows will be selected from a competitive grant process and will receive between $71,000 and $85,000 a year for two years. Read more