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A small staff of professionals supports the faculty at the BioFrontiers Institute.

BioFrontiers Staff

  • Stefanie Coltrain: Procurement, Marketplace
  • Emilia Costales: BioFrontiers web, newsletters, building digital signage,
  • Joe Dragavon: Microscopy and imaging
  • Lee Gutmacher: Human resources, payroll and personnel issues
  • Maly Her: Cost transfers, travel/expense reimbursements, internal service center billing, general and grant accounting processes
  • Matt Hynes-Grace: IT support
  • Janice Jones: Non-employee reimbursements, BioFrontiers seminar series travel and organization
  • Kim Kelley: graduate program, graduate application, student billing, IQ Biology program
  • Ryan Krumpeck: Desktop support, A/V support, video conferencing, Skype, large-format poster printing
  • Kim Little: BioFrontiers space, meeting agenda items, faculty hire and orientation
  • Lee Silbert: finances, personnel, grant management, JSCBB operations
  • Andrea Stith: IQ Biology Certificate Program, student activities
  • Meagan Taylor: grant proposals, budgets and regulations
  • Dan Timmons: IT support
  • Jana Watson-Capps: BioFrontiers programs
  • Audrey Young: Sequencing facilities and processes

Stefanie Coltrain
Procurement Manager
Ph:  303 735-7307

Fax:  303 492-8425

Stefanie Coltrain manages procurement for the BioFrontiers Institute and ensures compliance of procurement transactions. Before joining BioFrontiers, she worked for ten years with the UMC Directors/Finance Office and four years with the Dept. of Psychology & Neuroscience Finance Office. Stefanie has extensive knowledge of University policies and procedures; especially regarding procurement and a fluid knowledge regarding departmental grant expenditures. She received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Math from Saint Mary University, Leavenworth, Kansas.

For all of your procurement needs and Marketplace questions.
Emilia Costales
Communications Manager


Emilia is the Communications Manager for the BioFrontiers Institute and tasked with helping everyone learn about all the amazing science going on across the Institute. She develops stories for the website and newsletters, interacts with media contacts and creates printed materials about BioFrontiers' research and faculty. She also regularly tweets @BioFrontiers. In her spare time, she gives tours of the beautiful Jennie Smoly Caruthers Biotechnology building and helps building occupants stay informed. Emilia has a Bachelor of Science in Journalism from the University of Colorado, Boulder.

For help with the BioFrontiers website, BioFrontiers newsletters, printed materials, social media, media relations, building digital signage, building intranet, building tours and building newsletter.
Joe Dragavon
Director, BioFrontiers Advanced Light Microscopy Core

(303) 735-6988

Joe Dragavon is the Director of the BioFrontiers Advanced Light Microscopy Core, which is accessible to the entire CU-Boulder campus and the surrounding scientific community. Beyond maintaining the microscopes within the facility, he also provides user trainings and a wide-range of educational lectures covering topics that include introductory and advanced microscopy, fluorescence, and imaging. Joe has a PhD in Analytical Chemistry and has over 10 years of microscopy and light detection experience, including more than 5 years within the Dynamic Imaging Platform (Plate-Forme d’Imagerie Dynamique, directed by Spencer Shorte) at the Institut Pasteur in Paris, France.

For all of your microscopy and imaging needs.
Lee Gutmacher
Manager of Human Resources

(303) 735-7117

Lee Gutmacher is the Manager of Human Resources for the BioFrontiers Institute.  She started her university career 25 years ago at Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology. Lee holds a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from CU Boulder.

For information regarding payroll and personnel issues.
Maly Her
General and Grant Accountant
(303) 735-6775


Maly Her is a University of Colorado Denver alumna. She worked in the Office of Grants and Contracts at the University of Colorado Denver | Aurora campus for 4 years. She has 1.5 years of billing experience and 2.5 years of post-award administration experience.

For help with cost transfers, travel and expense reimbursements, internal service center billing, and general and grant accounting processes.
Matt Hynes-Grace
Janice Jones
Program Assistant


Janice Jones is the Program Assistant for the BioFrontiers Institute. Most recently, she served as Dr. Leslie Leinwand’s assistant. In her nine years at CU, Janice has developed an extensive knowledge of university policies, procedures, and requirements related to grants and contracts, faculty searches, and general administration. She also brings her experience in event management to BioFrontiers. Janice works with Kim Little and she is responsible for project management in coordination with senior staff; event coordination; financial and human resources transactions; and grant formatting, processing, and reporting. Before coming to CU, Janice enjoyed a challenging career as a small business owner and also worked in manufacturing.

For non-employee reimbursements, BioFrontiers seminar series travel and organization.
Kim Kelley
Graduate Education Coordinator
BioFrontiers/IQ Biology

(303) 735-7616

Kim Kelley is the Graduate Education Coordinator for IQ Biology and works closely with Dr. Andrea Stith to implement the IQ Biology program.  Kim has over 9 years of experience with graduate programs, and began her work at CU as a graduate program assistant in 2001.  She has experience with admissions, registration, course scheduling, student payroll, and working with and understanding university policy.  Working at the university has been a wonderful experience for Kim and she thoroughly enjoys working with students, faculty, and staff at CU Boulder.

For graduate program information, graduate application status, student billing information, general IQ Biology program information.
Ryan Krumpeck
Desktop & Audio Visual Support
303-735-8016 office

720-244-3151 mobile

Ryan helps to foster good relationships between the BioFrontiers Institute and its audio and video equipment and desktop computers. He supports BioFrontiers faculty, staff and students with software, hardware and A/V assistance, bridging the uneasy gap between human and machine.

For help with troubleshooting computer issues, audio visual set up and support; video conferencing; Skype; large-format poster printing; and web streaming and class capture.
Kim Little
Program Manager


Kim Little is Program Manager for BioFrontiers. Initially working to assist in scheduling end user/planning meetings for the JSCBB building and HR/purchasing for the CIMB initiative (when BioFrontiers was just a gleam in some exceptionally visionary eyes), her responsibilities have grown with BioFrontiers to include organizing and documenting our Task Force, faculty and staff meetings and activities; facilitating the IQ Biology program; event coordination and faculty hiring and providing support for faculty and staff. Kim has enjoyed watching the building, staff and faculty grow and is excited to be a part of the research, education and innovation that defines BioFrontiers Institute.

For help with scheduling BioFrontiers space, meeting agenda items, faculty and staff support, and making connections with BioFrontiers faculty and staff. She is happy to help.
Lee Silbert
Lee Silbert
Assistant Director of Operations and Financial Management


Lee Silbert is the Assistant Director of Operations and Financial Management for BioFrontiers. Just prior to joining the institute, he held similar positions in the departments of Chemistry and Biochemistry, and Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology. Initially starting his career at CU in behavioral neuroscience research in the Maier-Watkins lab, Lee went on to be a consultant with the Change Management unit in System Administration and a budget and policy analyst in the Office of Planning, Budget and Analysis on the Boulder campus. He received his Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Richmond.

For issues relating to Institute finances, personnel, grant management and JSCBB operations.
Andrea Stith
Andrea Stith
Assistant Director for Interdisciplinary Education


Andrea is the assistant director for interdisciplinary education at Biofrontiers. Her professional interests include graduate and postdoctoral education, broadening participation in STEM, and the internationalization of higher education. Prior to joining BioFrontiers, she served as a research fellow at the Graduate School of Education of Shanghai Jiao Tong University in Shanghai, China. While in Shanghai, her research focused on national and institutional policies that impact the career prospects of postdoctoral researchers. Previously, she studied science/technology and higher education policies as a German Chancellor Fellow at Humboldt University in Berlin and Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich.  Dr. Stith has held program management positions at non-profit organizations in the Washington, DC area, including the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology. In 2002-2003 she was an AAAS/NSF Science and Technology Policy Fellow in the Office of Legislative Affairs at the National Science Foundation. Dr. Stith received her doctorate in Biophysics from the University of Virginia; and, she received her bachelor’s degree in Physics from the University of Delaware in 1995.

For information on the IQ Biology Certificate Program and other student activities associated with BioFrontiers.
Dan Timmons
IT Director


Dan Timmons is the IT Director for BioFrontiers.  Prior to taking the IT director position, Dan was the IT manager for the MCD Biology Department at CU-Boulder for four years and was also a Laboratory Coordinator for the MCD Biology teaching labs for several years.

Contact Dan

Meagan Taylor
Grants Manager


Meagan Taylor is a CU Boulder alumna in Journalism (2002) and has six years experience in grant writing and sponsored research administration. Meagan works directly with BioFrontiers faculty to submit grant proposals, develop budgets, and navigate the extensive regulations required to manage federal and non-federal research funding. Before returning to CU in 2009, she worked in non-profit development, and as a newspaper reporter and freelance writer.

For information on grant proposals, budgets and regulations for research funding.
Jana Watson-Capps
Associate Director


Jana Watson-Capps serves as chief-of-staff and head of strategy for BioFrontiers. She works with administrators, faculty, and students from across the CU system and external partners to develop and implement the institute's interdisciplinary programs and industrial partnerships.

Before joining BioFrontiers, Jana taught in the Biology Department at Metro State College of Denver and worked as a project/development consultant. She is interested in bringing diverse groups of people together in new ways to advance bioscience research, education and applications to help society. She received her Ph.D. in Biology from Georgetown University and her B.S. in Biological Sciences from Stanford University.

If you would like more information about our programs at BioFrontiers.

Audrey Young
Professional Research Assistant


Audrey Young is a Professional Research Assistant for the Next Generation Sequencing Facility. She has been working hard to optimize the efficiency and quality of her facilities’ rare and innovative equipment. As a recent graduate in MCDB at CU-Boulder, she has been enjoying the unique opportunity to help people make important contributions to new discoveries and applications for science at BioFrontiers Institute at her facility.

She is teamed up with a great group of people and learning something new every day being at the frontier of science and technology. With her team, they benefit a large diversity of fascinating projects, from both scientists at BioFrontiers Institute and of local businesses daily.

For information about how sequencing works and questions about the processes to get started.