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The Charlie Butcher Awards


The annual Charlie Butcher Award was established in 2002 to recognize leading scientists from around the world who are dedicated to interdisciplinary science and to making a significant impact on human welfare and health. The next Butcher Award will be given to:

The following are past recipients of the Charlie Butcher Award:
2015 – Jennifer Doudna, University of California, Berkeley
2014 – Richard Axel, Columbia University
2013 – Jack Szostak, Harvard University
2012 – Elizabeth Blackburn, University of California, San Francisco
2011 - Roger Tsien, University of California, San Diego
2010 - Paul Nurse, Francis Crick Institute
2009 - Eric N. Olson, UT Southwestern Medical Center
2007 - Stuart Schreiber, The Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT
2005 - David Botstein, Princeton University