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Mass Spectrometry and Proteomics

Mass spectrometry-based proteomics has become a key technology in modern biological research. This lab's high-resolution instruments enable the identification of thousands of proteins in a single sample. Jeremy Balsbaugh and Thomas Lee develop mass spectrometry methods and solutions for challenging biological questions and provide expertise in all aspects of small molecule analysis and analytical separations.MassSpec&Proteom

We specialize in all aspects of protein mass spectrometry, from protein identification in simple mixtures to large collaborative projects, including quantitative proteomics, post-translational modification mapping, protein-protein interaction analysis of affinity-based isolations, organelle proteomics, and hydrogen/deuterium exchange for protein structural analysis. For small molecules, we provide accurate mass determinations and complex mixture analysis. We provide consultation on experimental design, which is especially important for large proteomics studies, and have significant computational resources and software tools available for data processing, visualization and interpretation.

Our facility houses the following mass spectrometers:

  • LTQ-Orbitrap and Orbitrap Velos
  • 4000 Qtrap (ABSciex)
  • Synapt G2 Qtof (Waters)
  • Voyager DE-STR MALDI-TOF (ABI)
  • Agilent 6530 Qtof

Most instruments are interfaced with UPLC or HPLC instruments for multidimensional high-resolution separations.

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