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Our Miseq system is capable of a broad range of applications, from targeted gene sequencing to metagenomics, small genome sequencing, targeted gene expression analysis, and more. The Miseq would be an excellent option for small scale and proof-of-concept projects under a strict timeline.

The Miseq generates about 12-15 million reads passing filter (using v2 chemistry) or up to 25 million reads PF (v3 chemistry). Bioanalyzer, qPCR, and Qubit is also offered for Miseq Quality Assurance. Considering the fast turnaround time (1-3 days once libraries are loaded for sequencing). These optimized sample preparation kits, along with automated data analysis create the first truly end-to-end sequencing solution.


Miseq Sequencing Common Offerings:86646514.jpg

Miseq V2 50 Cycle Single Read Sequencing

Miseq V3 150 Cycle Single Read Sequencing

Miseq V3 300 Cycle Paired End Sequencing

Bioanalyzer and Qubit (QA/QC)

Library Preparation

*For additional or custom requests please contact us


Pricing and Scheduling

Prices for sequencing depend on the number of cycles requested (i.e., how long a sequence you want), whether you requested our team to perform Library Prep and Quality Assurance, and whether the runs are single-read or paired-end. Look at our official posted charges for more detail.

Visit our Sequencing Core Calendar at or contact us for details about scheduling.