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IQ Biology is a unique certificate program that allows you to navigate freely between eight degree programs for research and coursework.


IQBio Logo.jpgAfter working in an interdisciplinary cohort of students your first year, you will select which degree program in which you would like to pursue your PhD. In order to streamline this process, we ask you to list three degree programs of interest so that you can be “pre-approved” for those degree programs before you enter the IQ Biology program. The IQ Biology admissions committee is looking for interdisciplinary students that have been pre-approved in at least two different degree programs.

Therefore, the IQ Biology Survey you are submitting here and also the Graduate School Application via the CU Boulder Graduate School website, will be evaluated by the IQ Biology admissions committee and the three degree programs of interest you have indicated.

Agreements have already been worked out between the degree programs and IQ Biology to ensure that the combination of the PhD and the certificate in IQ Biology will not add more than an additional semester of graduate work. After joining a particular degree program, your participation in the IQ Biology program will continue to ensure greater access to interdisciplinary ideas, collaborators and resources.

We ask that you read the instructions completely before beginning the application process to ensure that you submit the required information. Applications for the IQ Biology program are due December 15, 2014. (PLEASE NOTE: Campus department deadlines vary and may be prior to December 15.  Be certain to check each department's deadline.)

Please note:  Recruitment weekend is Thursday, February 19 through Saturday, February 21, 2015.  Students invited to the weekend will be notified in early February.  Please contact us at if you have any questions about the recruitment process.

Please visit the Contact Us link if you have questions.